Iphone 3GS may be waterproof

The new Iphone seems to be waterproof; at least that’s what’s implied in a viral Youtube video uploaded about a week ago. (Scroll down to watch video)

YouTube user KhenaKara was filming around a pool on his brand new Iphone when it suddenly slipped from his hands and sank to the pool floor.  “Crap…wait, it still freakin’ works!” he said after quickly retrieving the phone to find that it was still filming.  The video has received more than 275,000 views on Youtube and has since been tweeted and blogged about all over the Web.  

But before you’re thinking about blatantly throwing your new Iphone into the lake this weekend, the dudes at Mashable, a popular Web 2.0 review site, think the video might be too good to be true.

“Here at Mashable we’re still debating whether it’s the real deal,” wrote Pete Cashmore in a Mashable blog.  In favor of its authenticity, Mashable reports that the shadow at the bottom of the pool is shaped like an iPhone and the camera’s position matches up.  But some Youtube commentators argue that a strap seen in the shadow is from a waterproof digital camera – not an Iphone.

KhenaKara, the dude filming, wrote on his Youtube post that the alleged camera strap was actually a wrist strap he had fastened through the ear piece hole “to avoid just this type of thing.”

“I didn’t have it on my wrist at the time, but believe me, I will from now on!!!!” he said on his post. He also said his phone was in a rubber cover, which may have helped it survive.  He promised to post video of his rubber case and strap to prove his claim as soon as he returns from vacation.



  1. I think this is fake. I don’t think the guy is freaking out nearly as much as a normal person would after dropping their new iphone in a pool.

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