Facebook age demographic growing older

Facebook is growing up – a lot. 

According to iStrategyLabs, a Web analytics company, Facebook’s user base is quickly becoming much older.  Users ages 18 to 24 years old have grown only 4.8 percent between July 4, 2008, and July 4, 2009.  In comparison, Facebook users in older age groups are growing at a much higher rate: users ages 25 to 34 grew 60.8 percent; users ages 35 to 54 grew 190.2 percent, and the number of users older than 55 grew a staggering 513.7 percent. 

In fact, the young college students who once dominated Facebook are fast becoming the minority.  The 18-to-24 age bracket has actually fallen back to third place, making up only 25.1 percent of the Facebook community.  The largest Facebook presence now belongs to the 35-to-54 demographic, making up 28.2 percent of users. 

What’s also notable is the fact that, although the 18 to 24 “age” demographic has grown, the number of high school and college students on Facebook has dropped 16.5 percent and 21.7 percent.

Whatever the reason for these surprising statistics, Facebook is no longer the young college network it once was when most of us started logging on back in 2004.  Below are the actual statistics.




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