Independence, Kansas, could win USTA “2009 Best Tennis Town in America”

Thanks to all your support, the USTA named Independence, KS,  the No. 3 Tennis Town in America.

The United States Tennis Association has chosen my hometown, Independence, Kan., as one of the 10 finalists in the “2009 Best Tennis Town in America.”

The first place winner will receive $100,000 for tennis equipment; the second place finisher will receive $50,000 and the third place finisher will receive $25,000.  The remaining seven will each win $2,000, honorable mention and a pat on the back.

Click here to cast your vote for Independence (don’t forget to confirm the e-mail reply), and put a small Kansas town on the national stage.  Also post this link on your Facebooks and your Twitters, and send it to anyone who might vote.

Three of the other candidates are towns in North Carolina and Missouri.  So at the very least, block their chances of winning and vote for Kansas.

On a side note: I played tennis in Independence from age five until I graduated from high school.  Coach Ken Brown is one of the most generous, genuine dudes in the world.  A couple years ago, a band of scum bag losers burned down Ken’s tennis club house, along with generations of state and regional trophies and priceless tennis memorabilia.  At the very least, vote for Ken.


For more information regarding the Independence entry in the 2009 Best Tennis Town in America contest or online voting, please contact: or



  1. Andy– Thanks for all your help and support. Your comments were more than kind to me, so thanks for those also. Your mom has worked like a dog (a Bulldog!) on this project. Ken

  2. Yes, Andy, I’m creeping around on your blog. You have really come to play, haven’t you? Excellent post here – and about one of my favorite things, tennis.

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