What caused the DDOS attack on Twitter

Thursday’s DDOS attack on Twitter and other social networking websites appears to be the work of dubious money making websites that compromise Twitter accounts and cause them to spam their followers.

Thousands of Tweets are now reporting on one such website, ThursdayProfit.org, for spreading another wave of spam across Twitter Thursday afternoon.  Tweets warn users not to link to these websites because they can compromise your account and use it to spam your followers.

Mashable, a Web 2.0 review site, reported on Wednesday about a similar spam wave that occurred the day before Twitter shut down. “We wondered if it was just a strange group of accounts or a one-time attack. Now we’re fairly certain that isn’t the case,” Mashable reported on Wednesday. “Thousands of compromised Twitter accounts are sending out waves of spam throughout the Twitterverse.”

It is uncertain whether the scam is the work of a compromised application or a phishing scheme.  Rumors throughout the blogosphere have also alleged that the spamming may be a product of the Georgia-Russia Conflict, but nothing has officially been confirmed.

Here is an example of the spam:



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