Brazen Careerist relaunches as career networking website for Generation Y

Cropped1-FanFeed-SS[1]Students and young professionals who want to ditch the traditional  job market and secure a job in the workforce of tomorrow should check out Brazen Careerist, which launched its new social networking function today.

The career networking website is similar to LinkedIn, but with a more open, personal feel that looks almost identical to Facebook. Users can create and post their resumes, join groups of like-minded professionals and search for jobs. But what differentiates Brazen Careerist from LinkedIn is its “idea feed” (similar to Facebook’s Friend Feed), which allows you to showcase your  work samples, blogs and ideas.  Mashable, Web 2.0 review site, calls it “an intellect’s version of LinkedIn.”

What also makes Brazen Careerist cool is the fact that it was co-founded by two recent college graduates – Ryan Paugh and Ryan Healy.  They originally launched the site as a community for professionals to share blogs, articles and insights about innovative industries.  Now it’s a social networking job site.

It’s too early to tell whether Brazen Careerist can compete with LinkedIn, as it depends on the number of employers who embrace this somewhat underground community. But it already fosters a sizable network of forward-thinking professionals.  And these potential employers are no-doubt looking to tap the young, innovative talent our generation can contribute to the industries of the future.


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