Toyota punishes ABC, pulls advertising

Toyota dealers in five states have pulled their advertising from local ABC television stations because of what the dealers’ ad agency calls “excessive coverage” of Toyota safety issues.

ABC News reported that Toyota’s ad agency moved all of Toyota’s commercials to non-ABC stations in the same market “as punishment for the reporting.”

Toyota Motor Corp. stocks have dropped considerably in recent weeks after the company recalled more than 7 million cars due to vehicle malfunctions.  Toyota is expected to also recall its 2010 Prius.


One comment

  1. It’s about time Toyota let these people know that they can not get by with all of this one sided reporting with out being held responsible. One sided reporting in order to try and build back UAW, and the US big three will not work. Sooner or later they will screw up again, and then we will see if the reporting is the same. I think people forget that Toyota vehicles are more american than any from the big three. Ask GM why their big american muscle car (camero) is built in canada.

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