What’s wrong with this picture?

If Americans needed one example for how our country’s priorities are completely backwards, one need only look at Myron Rolle.

Rolle was a standout safety at Florida State who could have easily stepped on to the NFL stage with a multi-million-dollar contract.

He instead decided to accept a scholarship to study at Oxford, where he is taking a year off from football to earn his M.A. in Medical Anthropology and hopes to become a neurosurgeon.

He also started a foundation that has built a free medical clinic in his ancestral home of Exuma, in the Bahamas; he established a program to benefit foster kids in Florida; and he started a physical fitness program called “Our Way to Health”  at five Native American schools in Arizona and New Mexico aimed at diabetes prevention. The U.S. Department of Interior even contacted Rolle to help expand the fitness program, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told the Wall Street Journal.

You would think such behavior would merit great admiration and media attention, but Rolle’s decision has involuntarily opened himself up to a mountain of criticism from sports fanatics and commentators nationwide who have labeled him a “sell-out.”

“Often a lot of so-called friends would say, ‘Myron, you’re a sellout. you’re focused on school so much, you talk properly, you tuck your shirt in your pants. You do things differently than all of us cool kids,” Rolle said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “Cool is my own definition of cool.  That’s what’s important. Cool to me is getting straight A’s. Cool to me is scoring three touchdowns. Cool to me is shaking the hand of our mayor.  Cool to me is helping out at the nursing home. Cool to me is playing in the jazz band, and playing the lead role in ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ I like to define my own path and my own journey.”

ESPN reported that Rolle trains two hours a day, preparing for the NFL as he studies in England.  But NFL experts now estimate that his decision to pursue higher education has cost him at least $8 million.



  1. I think he is a total sellout. Anyone can get a good education, but if you can play football and make a whole lot of money, that is God’s gift. He should go for the bucks, then he would have more $ to give to humanitarian concerns. What a selfish brat.

  2. In my opinion the pursuit of beneficial causes first hand, as opposed to doing it through a paycheck, is much more admirable. He is obviously a student that’s good at football, not a football player that’s good at school. “Selfish” is sitting at a computer and debating other people’s progressive actions instead of doing anything progressive yourself.

  3. I have no idea who you two losers are, but you obviously know nothing about “accomplishment”. I guarantee you that each of you two bozos would take the money in a heartbeat and not look back for one second. The only education you would have after that would be from watching The Discovery Channel on one of the three big screen T.V.s you would put in your mansions. Of course, knowing that this post is the closest that “Bomm” and “Hawk” (how original) will ever come to an actual mansion, (or a high def T.V. for that matter). Did either of you ever actually play sports?

  4. All of that is beyond the point. Let’s stick to conversation instead of a dick swinging contest. And you’re right, I would take the money. Probably 95% of the people given his options would opt for the money. That is precisely what makes his decision more admirable. C’mon man, you’ve never been taught the importance of integrity?

  5. Hey Jesus (also very original). Maybe you should consider what the guy whose name your using would have done. I feel bad for you that you think that playing football is something that is more worth while than being a Doctor. Also if you watch the interview, he says that he hasn’t ruled out playing football and is still training to play.
    PS I know AdamBomm and between the two of us we have a few State Championships in multiple sports.

  6. What was your championship in? Tiddlywinks? Curling? Talk is cheap. Yes, my on-line is Jesus. And in this case WWJD?, or to you dorks – What Would Jesus Do? I think in this case Jesus would tell you that I go by another on-linename – viper. I play Call of Duty under another name – greenmasheen.

    You guys are such morons.

  7. And what was that comment about a “dick swinging contest”? I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds nasty. As Jesus, I think I am offended.

  8. Two in tennis, one in soccer. What’s yours in, Call of Duty? This is all beside the point. The title of this article by Mr. Greenhaw was what’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong with this picture is people like you that believe that instead of saving lives, Myron should play a game. You can not be serious.

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