Vote Sherron Collins for Bob Cousy Award

KU All-American point guard Sherron Collins is one of 11 finalists in line for the 2010 Bob Cousy Award.

The award honors “leadership, team work, success, and fundamentals as being critical parts for the game of basketball as a point guard.”

Fans can vote for players at

As of midnight, Collins was in fifth place, with about 8 percent of votes. The front-runners were Greivis Vasquez of Maryland with about 30 percent; John Wall of Kentucky with 23.3 percent; Jeremy Lin of Harvard with 17.9 percent; and Ronald Moore of Siena with 9.4 percent.

CLICK HERE to vote for Sherron.


One comment

  1. I don’t understand why we vote for this and not some sort of group of experts? This is based more off of how big your state is than true merit, or else Sherron would have had this award locked since week 5. Sweet “American Idol” contest. What a joke.

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