Obama picks Kansas to win tournament, KSU to reach Final Four; erases Mizzou

President Obama projects Kansas will conquer Kentucky to win the 2010 NCAA Basketball Championship.

“I think Kansas is gonna be solid… [They’re a] balanced team with Collins in the back court; I always like teams in the tournament that have experience with terrific guards,” he said on ESPN’s Barack-etology 2010. “Don’t let Sec. [of Health and Human Services Kathleen] Sebelious down.  She’s really counting on it and a lot of people will be giving her a hard time if they don’t pull it out.”  (Sebelious was a KU graduate.)

His bracket also predicts KU and KSU will meet in the Final Four, with Kentucky facing Villanova.

“Kansas State impresses me – they always play tough, and I think they’re going to be motivated, so they’ll get to the Final Four,” he said.

At one point, he accidentally writes in Missouri to beat West Virginia, but immediately realizes his mistake and smudges it out with his finger.


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