The Big 12 survives

The Big 12 will remain intact after Texas decided not to leave for the PAC 10.

The remaining Big 12 Teams are discussing a TV deal that could keep the Big 12 intact, and add two teams to replace Nebraska and Colorado.

According to OrangeBlood’s sources, the deal would mean more revenue for Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, which stand to make at least $20 million each from the new deal.  OrangeBlood reports that the other seven schools in the Big 12 would each make between $14 million and $17 million, which is nearly twice what they currently receive in TV revenue (roughly $7 million to $9 million).

The new TV deal would stop Texas from leaving the Big 12 for the PAC 10, and preserve the Big 12 for generations to come – or at least until another Big 12 school gets mad and leaves the conference because Texas bogarts all the TV money.

Discussions about the deal started after Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas officials received a mountain of criticism from alumni and fans nationwide who hated the idea of the Big 12 evaporating.


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