Vote for ‘Oklahoma City Thunder Rolls’

UPDATE: I took down the video, and I’m in the process of uploading the extended version, with guest star Cole Aldrich.  You can watch the extended version on Youtube (below), but the link leads to nowhere.

My friend AJ Steinle and I produced this video for his film class, animating PhotoShopped pictures from Google Images of Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Perkins and Kevin “Durantula” Durant.

He wrote the storyboard, and I edited it into an action-packed cartoon that accumulated more than 3,000 views in five days, and was picked up by the Daily Thunder.

“Don’t really know how to accurately describe this video, nor do I understand the motivation behind it.  Regardless, it’s awesome,” wrote Daily Thunder contributor Royce Young.  “Basically everything you could ever want in the most random Thunder video I’ve found yet.”

We decided to upload it to, where it has drawn 169 views and a 96 percent funny rating – as of Tuesday, May 10.

It jumped to the No. 5 highest rated animation of the week, and No. 7 for most buzz.  And if we can keep it in the top 20 of one (or both) of those categories, could potentially feature it on the front page!  Disclaimer: The previous sentence is a total assumption with no facts to support it – only hope.

So click this sentence to go to and vote “Funny” for our video (unless you don’t find it funny, in which case you can click “Die.”)


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