Jayhawk fan (my dad) Occupies Wall Street

My dad occupied Deadspin, the Lawrence Journal World and CBS Sports this week after voicing his support for the Kansas Jayhawks at an Occupy Wall Street rally in Denver, CO.

It all started after my parents helped move me in to my new apartment, and my dad and I decided to walk through the Occupy Wall Street protest near the Denver capitol building.

Because my dad works for a bank, we thought it would be funny to take pictures of him standing in front of anti-bank signs pretending to shout angrily in support with his fist in the air (see pictures below).

After an intense showdown between the Denver SWAT Team and the protesters, we thought it would be even awesome to stage a Jayhawk fan among the intense emotions, shouting equally as passionately about his love for the Kansas Jayhawks.

We drove to a nearby Office Depot to pick up the supplies, quickly crafted a KU poster and picked up a Jayhawk finger from my apartment.  Once we returned to the demonstration, we waited for a stereotypical protester to start shouting.

The moment came when the guy at the beginning of the video started shouting angrily into a megaphone at a local Denver journalist, blaming him personally for manipulating the American people into supporting the invasion of Iraq.  By the time my camera was ready, he was ending his rant with the best possible stereotypical buzz words, and then Dennis started into his own rant…

“Kansas Basketball No. 1!”  He shouted, “Bill Self for Federal Reserve Chairman!  Five National Championships!  55 Conference Championships! …Missourah has won NO CHAMPIONSHIPS OF ANY KIND!”

Most people, including the guy on the megaphone and the journalist, laughed.  Others looked confused.  One guy yelled “Fuck Kansas!”

You can watch the video and pictures from the protest below.

The Video

Photos of Dennis Raging with OWS Protesters



  1. As a Jayhawker currently living in Missouri… I’m so happy you are getting the word out to the world about the superiority of the Jayhawk to the Tiger.
    Couldn’t stop laughing… had to share with all my other Jayhawk fans. Thank you for this!

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