My Video Work

Demo Reel

I mixed most of my unclassified work from the past couple years into my 2013 demo reel.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Funks the Universe

I mixed Neil deGrasse Tyson’s interview on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast with Wax Tailor, and animated into a funky rap cartoon that is currently going viral. I plan to develop this concept into a series of scientist rap cartoons, and then promote it under the brand The Funky Space Blimp.

Age of Surprise 

I wrote, storyboarded and animated this video for the Air Force Center for Strategy and Technology (CSAT) while working for Hangar 30. The video went viral, was passed around the Pentagon and led to several more video clients, including SOCOM and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

A-10 Warthog Tribute Trailer

I produced this video for my company to set the stage for the debate in Washington over whether to retire the A-10 Warthog. It was featured in the Air Force Times and shared through the “Save the Warthog” grassroots campaign. All footage came from our Air Force clients.

Defense Intelligence Agency is Ready

(I produced the first half)

I produced the first 1:30 of this video for the Defense Intelligence Agency. DIA’s staff gave us a giant list of doomsday facts, I cut them down to what could fit in a minute-and-a-half and then I animated all the facts into this dramatic sequence.

The History of Facebook

Jon Loomer, a marketing expert who specializes in helping organizations leverage Facebook to drive their business goals.  The idea was to animate a fast-moving timeline that built up into a tower in  a way that illustrates how rapidly Facebook is constantly evolving.  I chose the music because I thought it reflected sort of a Tetris vibe.

Holiday Party Video

(The History of PaySimple)

I produced this video for our office  holiday party, outlining a brief history of PaySimple.   It is in no way meant to promote PaySimple as a commercial, but simply as a fun video for within our own company – which is why I registered it as unlisted.  Please do not share this with anyone as a means to commercially promote the PaySimple brand.

Customer Service Department of the Year Nomination

The People’s Choice Stevie Awards nominated my company for its “Customer Service Department of the Year” award. I filmed an interview with our Director of Customer Experience on a parking garage with the Denver skyline as the backdrop, and I pieced together her answers using b-roll footage to hide the cuts.

3D Mountain Flyby

I made this 3d mountain range in After Effects by projecting a 2d image on to 3d white solids. I learned the trick from Andrew Kramer at

My Al Jazeera Documentary

I had the opportunity to intern for Al Jazeera English during the summer of 2008.

The network’s staff let me use its equipment to film interviews with senior producers, a former U.S. Ambassador for Counter Terrorism and a former special adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

Intelligent Design

I made this video to explain my company’s new line of Intelligent Design websites.  I basically filmed my hands writing over a green screen, and then animated these images and words using the “stroke” effect in After Effects.

And the Oklahoma City Thunder Rolls

My friends and I made this video for his film class.  AJ Steinle came up with the concept and wrote out the idea, I produced the video, and Nick Daugherty unlocked the Tactical Knife in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

This video was awesome because the original (short-version) amassed more than 4,000 views in three days, and was featured on The Daily Thunder blog.

Natural Health Commercial

I made this commercial for a client who managed a website selling natural health supplements.  I created a rotating Earth in After Effects to mirror the client’s logo, and then moved the 3d camera around the planet, easying in and out of each set of copy.

Earth Explosion

After I finished the previous client’s commercial, I blew up the Earth.

Trigger Punch T-Shirt Commercial

I made this commercial for a client who was selling mixed martial arts t-shirts under the brand name Trigger Punch. I wrote the script, filmed the actor, edited the animations and produced the entire video from scratch, using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Soundbooth.

Trigger Punch Take Two

The Trigger Punch client wanted another video that plugged its new slogan, “A symbol of Victory.”  I created a firey setting, and disinigrated t-shirts in the fire using an inverted, luma-lighted transition slide, and turbulent displaced adjustment layers.

Heartland Soccer Association

I made this video for the Heartland Soccer Association in Overland Park, KS.

Losey Gym

I produced this video for a fundraiser project.  They’re selling pieces of my old high school gym to raise money for student scholarships, classroom grants, and exceptional learning and enrichment activities designed to benefit local K-12 students.  You can learn more at http://buyloseyfloor.

Architectural Animation of My Name

I made this intro for fun, after making a shorter version for a client’s home improvement commercial .

World Rainforest Foundation Commercials

I made these videos for the World Rainforest Foundation, a non-profit organization that takes donations to protect rainforests in Costa Rica.

Growing Rainforest Animation

I produced this animation of a growing rainforest in After Effects. The ocean, sky, lens flare, music and my name were added for fun, but the actual island composition was used in multiple World Rainforest Foundation videos.

Looking Glass Funds Logo Animation

I animated this logo for an investment company called the Looking Glass Fund. I used this composition to introduce and conclude Q&A videos for the company.

That Bass Fishing Guy Commercial

I made this cartoon about three talking fish for a client who wanted a cartoon with three talking fish. I wrote the script, recorded the voices and After Effected three talking fish.

The History of Social Media

I made this video timeline for work to demonstrate how online media has evolved over the past 20 years (and to draw traffic to our company blog from people looking up the history of social media).

ITK Intro Video

This was a video introduction I made for the opening to our webinars.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program

I made this video for a client who’s website was promoting online marketing strategies, and selling affiliate marketing programs. The idea is, people searching for information about starting an affiliate marketing program might come acros this video, and then visit this website, where they can follow the client’s blog for more information – and hopefully make a purchase down the road.

Mashup beat I remixed

After putting together a song for the background music of a client’s website, I remixed it into this mashup beat. I put together royalty-free clips of music from, where my company has an account.

Viral Video Remix

I remixed this video about viral video marketing for work, using footage from one of my company’s video webinars about viral videos.

Gluten-Free Blog Commercial

I made this commercial for a client who built a blog where she wrote about gluten-free recipes.

Get STD Tested Commercial

This commercial was filmed by an external company that produces music videos. My job was to cut it down to from 3:30 to 1:00, write copy and add subtitles.

Apache Sunset

I made this commercial for a client who built a website to sell his book “Apache Sunset.” He wanted a cartoon that depicted the book, so I made a cartoon that depicted the book.

I made this commercial for a client who wanted a ridiculously epic chess battle video. This was one of the first videos I made in After Effects, so I must warn you: you’re about to see some of the most cutting-edge and insane special effects of this or any generation.


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