How much data exists on the Web

How big is the Internet?

Have you ever wondered how much information really exists online?  New data suggests that 1.2 Zettabytes (1.3 trillion gigabytes) is now stored in cyberspace – which amounts to 339 miles of fully-loaded iPads stacked to the sky.

The International Data Corporation reported that the amount of digital information grew 62 percent in 2009.  And more than 35 percent of that information exceeds the capacity that exists to store it.

Experts believe social media is driving the increase, as millions upon millions of users cram the Web with Facebook updates, tweets and videos of sneezing pandas.  User-generated content makes up 70 percent of the digital universe (more than 880 gigabytes).

Luckily, the responsibility for storing all of this information rests with the enterprises that facilitate it: Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN and whoever owns the server that carries the particular website you’re visiting.

The International Data Corporation estimates that by 2020, business transactions on the Internet will reach 450 billion per day.

To put all this information into perspective Wikibon developed a nice little breakdown, which I have embedded below.