How High Impact Recreates Collisions

After a semi-truck driver took his eyes off the highway for more than 30 seconds to search for snacks he dropped on the floor, he plowed into the back of an F-350 and pancaked it into the back of another semi in front of him. The F-350 driver died.

High Impact, where I work, recreated this collision in near-perfect detail using a wide range of laser scanning and accident reconstruction techniques.
I produced this video about how we did it, and wrote this case study about the result.

$21.2M Verdict – High Impact Exposes KY Malpractice Monopoly

I write weekly case studies for High Impact’s weekly email newsletter, highlighting major wins we’ve helped our attorney clients attain. Read the entire case study on High Impact’s website.

When a group of Kentucky cardiologists conspired to perform hundreds of unnecessary heart surgeries on patients for the purpose of boosting profits, attorney Hans Poppe of the Poppe Law Firm needed to prove that it was fueled by a ring of corruption that incentivised malpractice on a massive scale.

Representing more than 170 people who underwent similar surgeries, Poppe asked High Impact to build him an arsenal of exhibits that could be applied and easily modified for each case. His most recent case, working with Tom Rhodes of the Tom Rhodes Law Firm, concluded with a $21.2M jury verdict for a patient who was implanted with an unnecessary pacemaker.

Our visual objectives:

  • Show how doctors deliberately misinterpreted cardiac evaluations, and purposely misdiagnosed patients.
  • Demonstrate the level of dangerous invasiveness involved in these procedures the patients did not need.
  • Simplify a complex web of financial relationships that incentivised these dangerous, invasive, and unnecessary surgeries on a massive scale.
  • Build these exhibits in a way that could be applied and easily modified for more than 170 cases.

We equipped Poppe with an arsenal of medical animations, information graphics, Color Diagnostics, and digital interactive exhibits. We also built a custom 3D interactive heart on a touchscreen that was so realistic, two defendant cardiologists were awed into admitting that the exhibit was “fair and accurate” in front of the judge – as their attorneys were in the process of objecting against its admissibility (See Final Exhibit Below).

As Poppe continues representing the victims of unnecessary surgeries and fraud, he’s using the following exhibits to expose a monopoly of medical malpractice in Kentucky.

Click here to the entire case study, and see the visuals we produced on High Impact’s website.

WATCH: Neil deGrasse Tyson Funks the Universe

Neil deGrasse Tyson – inarguably the most renowned American astrophysicists in the United States – went on the Joe Rogan Experience to talk about science, NASA and the universe.

I mixed his audio from the podcast into a funky rap over Wax Tailor’s “Time to Go,” and animated a rap cartoon in which “Neil deGrasse Tyson Funks the Universe.”

I want to continue making more of these as a series under the name, “The Funky Space Blimp.”


Welcome to 2035: The Age of Surprise – Video I produced for the Air Force CSAT

I produced this video for the U.S. Air Force Center for Strategy and Technology, as part of its annual study about strategy and air power in the future.

CSAT will use the video in its presentation about the accelerating progression of technology toward the singularity.  The singularity is the hypothetical future emergence of greater-than-human superintelligene through the combination of biology and technology – artificial intelligence.

VIDEO: Mizzou Rep. Stephen Webber goes on crazy rant against the Jayhawks

Update: My video is now featured in the Huffington Post, along with Rep. Stephen Webber’s response.

Missouri politicians went nuts this week protesting the idea of Missouri issuing Jayhawk license plates.

A bipartisan team of Missouri lawmakers passed legislation aimed at blocking the measure, which will go to Governor Jay Nixon next Wednesday.

But that didn’t stop them from embarrassing themselves first. And nothing entertains Jayhawk fans more than a bunch of uneducated Mizzou fans tripping over their lack of evidence for why Missouri isn’t a waste of America’s oxygen.

Rep. Stephen Webber delivered the best performance of the week with a belligerent rant about how much he secretly loves KU and wishes he could support a team that wins actual championships.

“Like generations of Missourians before us, we face an incursion from the west,” Webber shouted with the confident voice of a wasted frat bro who left his keys at a strip club. “It will be repulsed. This is the effort to affix the dreaded, disgusting Jayhawks symbol to our Missouri license plates.”

Instead of going through the process of breaking down the stupidity of his directionless monologue, I decided to let Napoleon Dynamite demonstrate what Mizzou fans really sound like to Jayhawk Nation. Below is what happens when you elect a Mizzou fan to humiliate your society.

Correction: When I originally produced this video, I thought Webber was a Senator because that’s what the 610 dudes called him on the radio.  By the time I realized this mistake, I already had so many views that I didn’t want to take it down and start my viewership over.  So my empty, selfish greed for views outweighed my journalistic integrity.  Luckily, it doesn’t really matter because he shouldn’t be either one.

Correction 2: Yahoo! Sports reported this weekend that Webber isn’t even a Missouri graduate – he went to Saint Louis University – which actually makes sense because even Missouri fans do not wish to go to Missouri.

VIDEO: The History of Facebook in Less Than 90 Seconds

I produced this video for Jon Loomer, a marketing expert who specializes in helping organizations leverage Facebook to drive their business goals.

The idea was to animate a fast-moving timeline that built up into a tower in  a way that illustrates how rapidly Facebook is constantly evolving.  I chose the music because I thought it reflected sort of a Tetris vibe.

Check out Jon Loomer’s Facebook page for more information about how he can help your business leverage Facebook.